Whatley Kallas Files First Antitrust Case Challenging The Anti-Competitive Rules of The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association On Behalf of Healthcare Providers

Birmingham, Ala. - July 26, 2012
The Whatley Kallas Litigation Healthcare Group has filed the first antitrust action on behalf of healthcare providers challenging the restrictions of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association that prohibit its licensed Blue Cross Plans from competing against each other. Conway v. Blue Cross, CV-12-2532-S (N.D.AL.). The complaint was filed in the Northern District of Alabama where Blue Cross of Alabama dominates the market with more than 90% of the health insurance business in the state. The action names 45 Blue Cross Plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association as defendants. In presenting the Affordable Care Act to Congress, President Obama described Blue Cross of Alabama as the poster-child for health insurance market dominance.

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